Cookies and personal information collects information about all visits to the website. At the same time, we encourage users to actively provide information. Collection of information at takes place in compliance with applicable legislation.

Here is why we collect information and what we use it for.

What information do we collect? collects information about the users and their visits in two ways:
- By using so-called cookies
- If the user providing information himself

Why do we use cookies?

Every visit to is registered with cookies. Every time you visit on your computer, smartphone or tablet, the cookie tells us about your visit.
The cookie tells us how long you visit the website, which sections and how many articles are being read, whether your computer has visited us before, which browser and operating system you are using, etc.
The information is anonymous and collected together with the information from all other users, so that we get a statistical overview of the use of
At the same time, cookies ensure that you do not see the same ads again and again, just like all clicks on ads are being recorded.
In addition, we use the statistics in our work to improve and further develop

What is a cookie?

When you visit, your computer automatically receives one or more cookies, which are transferred from to your internet browser. From that point, registers your visit and your use of the website.

A cookie is a small text file. It contains no personal information and the information we receive is therefore anonymous.
Most internet browsers allow you to delete cookies, block them or warn you and ask for your acceptance before saving a cookie.
Depending on your browser, you can get information about how to configure your browser to process cookies in its settings and help features.

Personal Information

In addition to cookies, more of's services require you to provide personal information.
In general, we only ask for personal information when you sign up for our newsletters or if you book a hotel stay through

Online purchase with credit card

In conjunction with your purchases of goods and credit card payment tghrough's booking system from Techotel (, Dansk Internet Betalings System (DIBS is used. When purchasing gift cards from Life Peaks (, Quickpay ( Both DIBS and Quickpay's systems are approved and certified by Pengeinstitutternes Betalings System ( - the payment system of danish banks) stores the information that the user has provided through bookings and orders by users for up to 15 months after which the information is deleted. In addition to completing the order itself, the information provided is only used if, for example the user has questions regarding the order the order contains errors.

If you should wish to delete our cookies, please refer to this guide