Banquets at Phønix Hotel

Helnan Phønix Hotel provides the perfect setting for private events of all sizes, as well as banquet, business and gala dinners.

Our banquet facilities suits all sorts of events. When weather permits, there can be served an aperitif on our terrace or in our courtyard.

We are of course available for a non-committal meeting where you will be able to visit the premises and have a chat about your party and your wishes.

For more information about parties at Helnan Phønix Hotel or a non-binding offer, please call us at (+45) 98 12 00 11 or send an email to

Spring menu

March, April & May


  • Roasted monkfish medallion with crispy Skagen ham and citrus foam
  • Butter steamed green asparagus, inlet trout, poached quail eggs served with hollandaise sauce
  • Rooster breast roulade with salted almonds, spinach terrine and balsamic glace


  • Lamb crown served with lambsauce flavored with thyme, new potatoes with garlic and seasonal vegetables
  • Veal tenderloin served with morel sauce, potato tops with fresh tarragon and seasonal vegetables
  • Stuffed quail with asparagus potatoes, port wine sauce and seasonal vegetables


  • Lemon pie with vanilla ice cream, chocolate crumble and wood sorrel
  • Panna Cotta flavored with licorice to this sour sorbet
  • Rhubarb in variety with candied chocolate and fresh berries
3 dishesDKK 365 . pr. person

Spring buffet

March, April & May

  • Lobster mousse with dill emulsion
  • Smoked hake with egg tureen
  • Rooster breast roulade with baby salads and horseradish cream
  • Homemade lamb pâté served with fresh onions
  • Veal breast served with gravy and spring herbs
  • Beef culotte served with ratatouille in mild chili sauce
  • Lamb shank with baked peppers and Jerusalem artichokes
  • Asparagus salad with bacon, baby salads and spring onions
  • Small raw fried potatoes
  • Rhubarb pie with vanilla cream and fruit
  • Roulade with white chocolate and sorbet
  • Poached salmon served with tarragon emulsion
  • Tuna tartare with avocado and coarse mustard
  • Roasted tiger prawns with green asparagus and artichoke pesto
  • Guinea fowl served with pickled onions and truffle cream
  • Skagen ham with rhubarb compote and quail eggs
  • Veal fillet served with baby vegetables and veal glaze with cream
  • Lamb crown served with stalks of tomatoes and garlic cream
  • Long-fried pork breast with stewed seasonal greens
  • Salad of asparagus, tomato and mozzarella
  • Butter-fried new potatoes
  • Selection of Nordic cheeses with fruit and compote
  • Brownie pie with fruit and compote
  • Rhubarb mousse with pickled berries

Summer menu

June, July & August


  • Baked long fillet garnished with mussels, parsley foam and rye bread chips
  • Carpaccio beef tenderloin with parmesan, truffle oil, pine nuts and baby salads
  • Roasted lemon sole fillet served with scallop foam and fresh peas


  • Veal fillet served with small new potatoes, red wine sauce, baked scallion and seasonal vegetables
  • Stuffed guinea fowl breast served with pommes rösti, thyme sauce and seasonal vegetables
  • Filet and stick of summer buck served with potato roulade, calvados sauce and seasonal vegetables * + DKK 30 per. person


  • Duét of white and dark chocolate mousse served with meringue tops, crumble and fresh berries
  • Pie with Danish strawberries, vanilla ice cream and marzipan crunch
  • Creme Brulé flavored with elderflower, for this crumble
3 dishesDKK 365. pr. person

Summer buffet

June, July & August

  • Crab mousse with chervil emulsion and rye bread chips
  • Steamed sliced witch flounder with pickled cauliflower
  • Pâté of Danish chicken cast in country ham served with spinach cream
  • Fried veal culotte with homemade pickles flavored with ginger
  • Grilled pork tenderloin served with grilled summer greens
  • Stuffed rooster with stewed chickpeas
  • Beef fillet served with long-baked tomatoes and red wine sauce
  • Salad of Danish summer cabbage with cranberries, sunflower seeds and salted almonds
  • New Danish potatoes turned in butter and parsley
  • Strawberry pie with vanilla cream
  • Milk chocolate mousse with strawberry sorbet
  • Shellfish and mollusk salad with garlic cream and crispy radishes
  • Variety of salmon with vegetable terrine and green oil
  • Citrus marinated tuna fillet served with salad and basil cream
  • Beef tenderloin carpaccio with arugula, parmesan and truffle oil
  • Grilled cold poulard breast with bulgur salad
  • Baked veal tenderloin served with fresh peas and rosemary sauce
  • Grilled beef culotte with bearnaise sauce
  • Stick of Danish piglet with potato salad
  • New Danish potatoes turned in butter and parsley
  • Salad of spelt wheat, avocado, peppers, cabbage and bacon
  • Selection of Nordic cheeses with fruit and compote
  • Danish strawberries with cream or vanilla ice cream
  • Chocolate dream with fruit and orange coulis

Fall menu

September, October & November


  • Variety of salmon as smoked, marinated and steamed served with horseradish cream, pickled pearl onions and chips
  • Lobster soup flavored with cognac served with seasonal white fish
  • Duck liver tart with sherry sauce, baby salads and mustard cream


  • Red deer fillet served with confectionery emperor hats (mushrooms), potato gratin, chanterelle sauce and seasonal vegetables
  • Danish beef tenderloin served with a variety of onions, strong balsamic sauce and pommes anna
  • Pheasant breast fried with Italian panchetta, cherry sauce, nut potatoes and seasonal vegetables


  • Nut cakes with white chocolate cream, pickled figs and crumble
  • Chocolate dream with autumn berries and sour sorbet
  • Warm apple strudel served with cinnamon cream and orange coulis
3 dishesDKK 365 pr. person

Fall buffet

September, October & November

  • Smoked cod served with vegetable terrine and parsley emulsion
  • Roulade of swordfish and trout with red pesto dressing
  • Marinated pheasant breast with blackberry chutney
  • Classic Parma ham served with olives and melon
  • Long-fried pork neck comb served with chili / paprika sauce
  • Fried venison served with mushroom ragout
  • Confit duck thigh served with sky sauce and baked mashed potatoes
  • Salad of white and red scallions, roasted seeds, dried berries and nuts
  • Potato roulade
  • Homemade old-fashioned apple cake
  • Hazelnut cakes with raspberry sorbet
  • Seafood mousse with tarragon emulsion
  • Lime-marinated salmon, baby salads, ricotta cream and crispy radishes
  • Poached long fillet, tartar sauce and pearl barley salad
  • Smoked duck breast served on a base of red cabbage salad with orange and smoked cheese cream
  • Smoked deer club with pickled mushrooms and cranberries
  • Roe deer fillet served with mushroom sauce and chestnuts
  • Pork loin with apples and cabbage served with sky sauce
  • Long-fried goose breast with baked autumn beets
  • Baked potato
  • Salad of spelt wheat, cabbage, nuts and berries
  • Selection of Nordic cheeses with fruit and compote
  • Homemade pear pie with cinnamon cream
  • Forest berry dream with vanilla ice cream

Winter menu

December, January & february


  • Lightly salted cod served with pearl barley risotto with mussel foam
  • Smoked wild boar fillet with pickled plums, blue potato chips and currant cream
  • Fish plate with dill emulsion, onion and rye bread crunch


  • Braised beef brisket served with baked mashed potatoes and winter herbs
  • Confit duck leg served with sauce based on duck, variety of cabbage and celery puree
  • Beef fillet served with potato fondant, red wine sauce and seasonal vegetables


  • Gateau Marchel served with vanilla ice cream and crumble
  • Blackcurrant poached pear served with white chocolate ice cream and fresh berries
  • Cheesecake with raspberries served with sour sorbet
3 dishesDKK 365 pr. person

Winter buffet

December, January & February

  • Oven-baked cod fillet with mustard emulsion
  • Fish pâté with pickled cauliflower and green pesto
  • Smoked guinea fowl breast with small salads and berries
  • Air-dried beef thighs, balsamic reduction and baby salads
  • Pork shank served with glazed Brussels sprouts
  • Beef fillet served with port wine sauce and roasted mushrooms
  • Casserole poussin with baked winter herbs
  • Pommes rösti
  • Broccoli salad
  • Apple pie with sour cream flavored with vanilla
  • Apricot roulade served with sea buckthorn sorbet
  • Steamed halibut fillet with ricotta cream flavored with fennel
  • Carpaccio of scallops served with oil of ginger, lime and chili
  • Fresh tuna salad with green beans, eggs and olive vinaigrette
  • Pigeon breast with port wine sauce and Jerusalem artichoke chips
  • Wild boar fillet with berry / nut salad
  • Beef tenderloin with variety of onions and truffle sauce
  • Braised pork jaws, sky sauce and baked winter herbs
  • Veal culotte with sautéed winter cabbage
  • Pommes Anna
  • Salad of Brussels sprouts, bacon and dried cranberries
  • Selection of Nordic cheeses with fruit and compote
  • Phoenix lime cake with chocolate ice cream
  • Blueberry pie with vanilla cream

Cold dishes

  • Sausage table
    with various accessories and bread
  • Mini croissants
    with three kinds of filling

Warm dishes

  • Homemade meatballs
    Served with cold potato salad
  • Biksemad
    With béarnaise sauce, beetroot & rye bread
  • Make hot dogs yourself
    With it all
  • Soup
    Choose between curry, asparagus or chicken soup

Additional purchase

Cognac or likør 3 cl.DKK 65,-
Free cocktailbar pr.person, pr. hour
Minimum 2 hours
DKK 100,-
House liqour, a whole bottleDKK 595,-
DrinksDKK 75,-
CocktailDKK 95,-
One night in double room inkl. breakfast buffetDKK 850,-

You are always welcome to contact us

When the weather allows, it is possible to enjoy an aperitif on our terrace.

If you wish to explore the hotel and talk to us about your event, we are of course available for a meeting with no commitment needed.

For more information about parties at Helnan Phønix Hotel or an offer on your event, reach us through phone (+45) 98 12 00 11 or email

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