Function rooms

Do you need a place to have your next birthday, confirmation, wedding, christening, or another festive event, we definitely have a venue to suit your event.

Whatever wishes and dreams you may have for the event, our dedicated staff is able to meet tour needs. We can set the menu, table setting, decorations and everything else especially for your party. With the flexible function rooms we can accommodate up to 330 guest.

Our premises are located in the city center of Aalborg and is easy to acces by both public- and privat transportation, highways and train.

HerringboneU-shapeConferenceCinemaSchool tablesV-shapeLong tablesBanketm2
Kongesal 1804046130804580110120 m2
6,9 x 17,6 m
Kongesal 211040601801105590120140 m2
7 x 21,2 m
Kongesalene160130300160230260 m2
Palæsal/Riddersal6040408060354660100 m2
6,6 x 12,7 m
William202020402553 m2
Function room 1+212181824161844 m2
9,25 x 4,75 m
Room 30-32815 m2
3 x 5 m
Dinesen262460 m2
6 x 10 m
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