The hotel's history

In 1770, Brigades Von Halling returned home to Denmark from India. He brought both a big fortune and slaves, whom he held trapped in the hotel’s cellar. He was a nuisance to his surroundings, maltreating his peasants and slaves as well as his wife. The brigadier had both the money and the imagination to build their residence in 1783 in Aalborg. The place is now known as the Brigades of Halling Mansion.

In 1853 the palace was decorated at Hotel Phønix. The hotel was named after the ancient Arab bird phoenix, a wonder bird resurrected in the temple of Soliopolis to leave Egypt again.

Hotel Phønix has played a major part in the history of Aalborg city over the years. It has been the framework for many important events, just as several heads of state have visited the place.

The hotel has been moved with Brigader Halling’s Palace, as the well-preserved kernel, which contains many valuable works of art from the Brigade time, as many of the hotel’s sales are named after him. The hotel has a furnished historical museum and the art academy with many valuable things.

Just 200 years after Brigader Von Halling built his palace, the hotel was taken over by Enan Galaly, born in the Heliopolis town, where just Bird Phønix resurrected.

The brigade’s “forward” “choice” was again taken into use and a radical rebuilding has taken place, so the hotel today appears as a first class historic, international hotel with high capacity and all modern facilities.

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