Hotel Facilities

Guests at the Helnan Phønix Hotel have access to a wide range of hotel facilities. Check below for further information.


Phønix Hotel is located in the heart of Aalborg on Vesterbro 77. The entrance to the hotel car park is at the back of the hotel and can be accessed through Urbansgade.

There are 75 parking spaces for the hotel, which costs DKK 75 per day. The parking lot is video monitored.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee vacant parking spaces and it is not possible to reserve. If there are no more available parking spaces, we refer to the public car park “Gåsepigen”, which is located approximately 2-3 minutes walk from the hotel. The rate is DKK 16 per hour. On weekdays you pay from 08:00-18:00 and on saturdays from 8:00-14:00.

If you want a taxi, you can either contact the reception on telephone 98 12 00 11 or Aalborg Taxa directly by phone 98 10 10 10.

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