Memorial services

At Helnan Phønix Hotel we want to do our best so that you do not stress unnecessarily on an already difficult day. Therefore, the only thing you have to decide is what we should serve, we will take care of the rest.

The price is for a minimum of 25 people, if your party is smaller, a new price will be calculated.
Prices are incl. VAT, service, room rental and free parking in at the hotels parking lot.

Contact us for more information, a tour of the premises, or a non-committal meeting by phone (+45) 98 12 00 11 or per. mail

We look forward to hearing from you


Menu 1

65 kr. pr. person
  • Cake
  • Coffee & tea

For parties of 25 people or more

Menu 2

145 kr. pr. person
  • 2 pieces of danish “højtbelagt smørebrød”

For parties of 25 people or more

Menu 3

195 kr. pr. person
  • The chef’s lunch buffet

For parties of 25 people or more

Tilkøb til mindehøjtidelighed

Soda32 kr. pr. stk.
Beer36 kr. pr. stk
Coffee & tea30 kr. pr. person
Coffee, tea & sweet50 kr. pr. person
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