When it comes to confirmation parties, Helnan Phønix Hotel has much to offer. We provide professional service, beautiful table settings and a delicious menu. The menu we serve is chosen by you.

Please contact us for more information, a tour in the halls that are used for confirmations or a non-binding meeting.

Phone number: (+45) 98 12 00 11 or by mail

We look forward to hearing from you.

Confirmation menu

When you choose the confirmation package at Helnan Phønix Hotel, you are free to choose between a three-course meal or a buffet. You can choose your menu from the courses below.


  • Baked torpedo prawns with ginger / chili dressing and baby salads


  • Marinated rooster breast with melon chutney and balsamic glaze

Main courses

  • Veal tenderloin baked in parma ham, potato tops, madeira sauce and seasonal greens


  • Angus beef fillet with french fries, pepper sauce and seasonal greens


  • Strawberry pie with vanilla ice cream


  • Pastry lime cake with candied white chocolate

Cold courses

  • Tuna mousse with spice dressing
  • Shrimp with dill mayonnaise
  • Guinea fowl breast with balsamic glaze
  • Dried country ham with vegetable tureen

Warm courses

  • Beef fillet with mushroom sauce
  • Baked pork tenderloin with paprika sauce
  • Buritos with fillings

Served with the buffet

  • Small fried potatoes
  • Pommes frites
  • Seasonal salad


  • Fruit pie with sour cream
  • Warm pancakes with vanilla ice cream


Possibility to purchase for the buffet

  • Tartlets with chicken in asparagus + DKK 15, –
  • Chicken nuggets + DKK 10, –
  • Hot wings + DKK 10,-

Cold courses

  • Sausage table
    With various accessories & bread
  • Mini croissanter
    with three kinds of filling

Warm courses

  • Homemade meatballs
    Served with cold potato salad
  • Biksemad
    With béarnaise sauce, beetroot & rye bread
  • Make hot dogs yourself
    With it all
  • Soup
    Choose between curry, asparagus or chicken soup

Confirmation in Aalborg: Have your party in the city center

Confirmation at Helnan Phønix Hotel

Helnan Phønix Hotel is a great place to have your confirmation party, especially if the church is located in Aalborg. The hotel is located in the centre of the city, which makes it easy to acces with both private and public transportation. Should your guests wish to spend the night, they are welcome to book a room.

The confirmation day is as known, a day filled with happiness, joy and traditions. Should you choose to have your confirmation here, you will all be able to relax and enjoy the many festive features and speeches that will make the confirmand embarrassed with both his parents, uncles and grandparents.

Confirmation Aalborg 2020, 2021 og 2022

It is a great idea to be well prepared, when it comes to confirmations. Many parents book the location a year or two in advance, so to make sure that you also have the location that you want, contact us to see if we can save the date for your child’s confirmation.

Confirmation party in Aalborg: The right ingrediens for a great party

What makes a confirmation party great?
Many things need to fall into place, but we can tell you, that when the dinner and service are good, then the conditions for a good day and evening in a festive layer are better.

Experience tells us, that it is important for the confirmand to be involved in choosing the food. This party marks the confirmand’s coming of age, and therefore it is important to include them as much as possible, so the confirmand can experience the sense of responsibility, and get the feeling of it being their party.

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Vesterbro 77, 9000 Aalborg
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