Historien om Helnan Marselis Hotel

Welcome to Helnan Marselis Hotel in Aarhus!

Helnan Marselis Hotel is a gem along the coast of Aarhus, a harmonious fusion of elegant architecture, luxurious accommodation, and enchanting nature. This iconic hotel, inaugurated in 1967 and designed by the renowned architects Friis and Moltke, is more than just a place to stay; it is an experience of timeless elegance and sublime comfort.

The unique location near Marselisborg Forest and close to the center of Aarhus allows guests to explore the city’s cultural treasures while also enjoying the peace and beauty of nature. Helnan Marselis Hotel is not just a place to stay; it is a destination in itself where luxury, nature, and a timeless atmosphere come together to create unforgettable experiences.

Unique bricks

The story of the unique bricks of Helnan Marselis Hotel is a chapter of care and ambition. The decision of the master bricklayer to manually craft each mocha-colored brick resulted in a facade where no stone was the same in size or shape. The handmade approach to brickwork not only created a visual treasure but also paid tribute to dedication and the desire to create something exceptional. These unique bricks are not just an aesthetic characteristic; they are a symbol of the hotel’s commitment to delivering a timeless and unique experience.


One of the Marselisborg forest ranger residences can be found here at the hotel. Here, the forest ranger’s house, Frydenlund, was built in the 1810s. The house served as the residence for various forest rangers for several generations until 1910 when the last forest ranger at the site passed away. Subsequently, it was rented out for residential purposes until 1965 when master bricklayer Anker Jakobsen purchased Frydenlund. Initially, Jakobsen intended to demolish the house, but as part of the agreement, the house had to be preserved, and it now forms part of the hotel’s properties.

Today, the house has two wings and a full basement, which is uncommon for a timber-framed house.