Meeting and conference rooms

Welcome inside of Helnan Marselis Hotel.

Take your business meetings to a new standard of elegance and efficiency at Helnan Marselis Hotel. Experience luxurious meeting facilities with panoramic views of Aarhus Bay – where success meets inspiration

Meeting room 1 - 6

Rooms 1 – 6 are a series of smaller meeting rooms suitable for groups of 2 – 25 people.

The distinctive feature of these premises is the large windows, providing ample natural light and offering a fantastic view of the sea in some of the rooms. This ocean view creates an inspiring and calming atmosphere that can be beneficial for productivity and creativity during meetings.

All rooms are fully equipped with modern AV equipment.

Meeting room 1 – 6 are ideal for smaller gatherings, workshops or meetings where an intimate yet elegant atmosphere is desired. The classic style and beautiful details of the space contribute to a comfortable workplace that promotes focused collaboration and effective discussions.

Meeting room 14

Meeting room 14 is designed for larger meetings
with room for 20-40 people. This spacious meeting room offers a flexible seating arrangement that can be customized as needed. The space is divided into two levels, with the lower level dedicated to meeting activities such as presentations and workshops. The top level is suitable for breakout sessions or smaller groups who want a more intense and focused working environment.

A unique feature of Meeting room 14 is the private exit to a small terrace that allows participants to breathe fresh air and enjoy a break in a scenic setting. The large windows facing the Marselisborg Forest not only add natural light, but also create a calming atmosphere that contributes to a pleasant meeting experience.

Meeting room 8A / 8B

The two rooms, 8A and 8B, are individual spaces, but they can also be combined into one large room. Each of these rooms has the capacity to accommodate between 20 and 50 people, and if combined, they can accommodate up to 100 people in total. In addition, the premises feature large windows that add a bright and inviting atmosphere. The sunny private roof terrace overlooking the Marselisborg Forest and the modern AV equipment also help to create the perfect setting for various events.


Marselisborgsalen, our most spacious and impressive hall, is designed to accommodate up to 200 people. The impressive ceiling height creates a feeling of airiness, while the comfortable indoor climate ensures a pleasant environment for participants. The large windows opening out to the forest not only add natural light, but also a refreshing connection to nature.

This hall is carefully designed for larger events such as conferences and events, where the impressive space and facilities create a welcoming atmosphere. Whether it’s a professional meeting or a festive occasion, Marselisborgsalen is the perfect choice to ensure your event is a success.

Room 1 meeting room at Hotel Helnan Phønix
The Palace Hall at Hotel Helnan Phønix


Welcome to Spejlsalen at Helnan Marselis Hotel – an extraordinary conference space that will amaze and inspire your participants.

Spejlsalen is a magnificent and refined event space centrally located in the heart of the hotel. With its impressive spaciousness, high ceilings and beautiful details, it’s an experience in itself. The hall is tastefully decorated with stylish furniture and has the capacity to accommodate up to 100 participants, making it ideal for large conferences, seminars, product launches or other large-scale business events.


Bøgesalen is a welcoming conference room located at our facilities. With seating for up to 60 people, Bøgesalen offers an intimate yet spacious atmosphere. The high ceiling adds a sense of airiness and creates a comfortable environment for participants.

Modern AV equipment is integrated into the room to meet modern conference needs.

Designed with functionality and style in mind, Bøgesalen is suitable for a variety of events, including conferences, workshops or presentations. It’s a space that emphasizes both modern amenities and a comfortable atmosphere to ensure a successful event.

Room 32 meeting room at Hotel Helnan Phønix

Combined halls M+B / M+B+S

By combining Marselisborgsalen, Spejlsalen and Bøgesalen, we can tailor the space to accommodate up to 400 participants for larger conferences. All rooms are equipped with the necessary AV equipment, including mirrorscreening, ensuring that presentations and information are shared effectively and visibly for all attendees. This flexibility of the space allows the room to adapt to different events and ensures a seamless execution of conferences with modern technological requirements.

Room overview

Room 32 meeting room at Hotel Helnan Phønix